Our Vision

The Karstveld Academy, a private school in Grootfontein, opened its doors in January 2021 for learners from Grade RRR to AS level on the Namibian Schools’ Curriculum. The vision of our school is to contribute to the improvement of the educational standard in Namibia as well as for Karstveld Academy to become a symbol of academic and cultural excellence.  

The school aspires to achieve this vision by providing unparalleled quality education, in a disciplined environment and offering learners the opportunity to participate in sport and culture. This, together with other extra-curricular activities and character-building programs, we aim to send our learners into the world:

  • To live as well-rounded and responsible individuals, humbly and courageously
  • Equipped with due respect for all fellow human beings and embracing the diversity in our country and its potential
  • With a sound general knowledge and ambition to expand their horisons
  • To become valuable and sincere members of their community and society at large

Karstveld Academy accommodates residing learners with modern hostel facilities, providing them a home away from home with a safe environment to study and perform optimally.

Our Name, Emblem, and Motto

The name of our school is derived from “Karst”, German for “Rock” which embodies resoluteness and strength.

Karstveld Academy’s motto is Scientia Labor Libertas which means Knowledge, Work, and Freedom.

Our motto underpins the philosophy of the Academy to empower learners, through quality education – the value of and appreciation for hard work and persistence, and an understanding of their environment and self-expression to its fullest extent as such unlocking their potential and thus enabling them to become responsible and upright citizens of our country.

The colours of our school are Blue, Green, and White.

The Blue represents knowledge and work,

 the Green growth and accomplishment,

and the White an un-spoilt environment, free from partiality and open to exploring.

The symbolic representation of the emblem suggests the following:

  • The Book – the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of the macroscopic environment
  • The Roots – for development and growth
  • The Trunk – for growth and stabilising process
  • The Branches – for achievement and accomplishment
  • The Circle – for Unity

We truly believe that knowledge is the key to growth and accomplishment, thus through hard work and development, we strive to empower our learners to live life to its fullest extent, realising their full potential and dreams to the benefit of themselves and our country.